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Athletics and Extracurriculars

Liberty Academy of Columbus believes in an education that encompasses all aspects of a child, including their physical education. Valuable lessons are learned and virtues are cultivated on athletic fields in a way that cannot be achieved through traditional classroom instruction. Through participation in clubs and sports, students round out much of their educational experience.


To that end, we plan to expand our athletic offerings as quickly as possible in accordance to the needs of our students and their families and consistent with the qualities and virtues we are cultivating as an institution. What we will offer first will be dependent on student interest and the availability of coaches, sponsors, and volunteers.

Playing Basketball



The importance of bodily fitness stands alongside the fitness of mind as a critical asset in the development of students. Liberty Academy executes this belief through our commitment to frequent recesses and to exercise and physical education throughout the grades. We do not, however, believe in offering athletics simply to offer them. We are committed to building an athletics program which reflects the mission of our school and helps to cultivate our core virtues of fortitude, humility, compassion, diligence, justice, prudence, and courage.

We anticipate offering basketball for upper elementary and middle school girls and boys as well as middle school cross country upon opening. We plan to offer other competitive sports as soon as possible. Many will begin in a club setting and transition to higher level competition as they grow.


Liberty Academy seeks to supplement our rigorous curriculum with a robust offering of extracurricular activities. We will examine student interest alongside the Liberty mission as we offer additional clubs and other activities. We plan to offer the following upon opening:

  • LEGO Robotics

  • Air Rifle Club

  • Theatre Club

  • Other offerings based on interests, volunteers, and sponsors

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