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At Liberty we believe that every family should  make a financial investment in the education of their child. However, we also believe that the investment should be appropriate and manageable based on each family's family size and income. As a mixed income school we believe that a high quality education should be available to all families and have created our financial model to provide access to families who might not otherwise be able to provide the right educational option to their student. Below we have provided some resources to help families determine their share of tuition at Liberty Academy of Columbus. If you have any questions about the financial estimate worksheet, please reach out at

Tuition and Fees

Base Tuition for the 2023-24 school year is $8,000.

Use the following worksheet to determine what your share of the tuition will be. The tuition worksheet provides an estimated range of tuition for each family based on their specific economic situation. The range provided is the TOTAL FAMILY OBLIGATION, not a per student cost.

Other Fees and Considerations:

$150 Enrollment fee, paid at time of enrollment and tuition contract signing

Uniform costs (approx. $150-$200 per student)

Club and Athletic fees (where applicable)

School CHOICE Scholarship

Indiana has one of the most generous school CHOICE programs in the nation. Qualifying for a school CHOICE scholarship can greatly reduce a family's portion of tuition. This video can provide some insight into the benefits of the CHOICE scholarship and how a family can qualify. At Liberty we want all families to find the right educational option for their student, and understanding the CHOICE program can greatly assist in determining what might be the right choice for a family. REMEMBER, please fill out the tuition worksheet to determine your family's financial investment at Liberty Academy and please reach out if you have questions. A family that does not qualify for the CHOICE scholarship in year one, may be eligible in years 2 and on.

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