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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Liberty Academy located?

Liberty Academy is located at 1511 22nd. St., inside Columbus Free Methodist Church.

What will tuition cost?

In order for Liberty Academy to accessible to all families in Columbus, we have a tuition model based on family size and Adjusted Gross Income. For tuition examples please see our tuition webpage located here.

What grades will you serve?

Our ultimate goal is to offer full K-12 classical schooling. We launched in 2023 as a K-7 school, in 2024-25 we will add 8th grade, adding an additional grade each year until we serve a full K-12 student body.

What extra curriculars (clubs, sports, etc.) do you plan to offer?

Classical education concerns itself with the education of the whole child: mind, body and spirit. Physical education and the friendships that are cultivated through team sport are essential components in a well-rounded classical student. In 2023 we were able to offer cross country and basketball as athletic offerings. We anticipate that as our enrollment grows so will our athletic offerings. We also offer an array of after school clubs to engage our students and connect them with Liberty. We anticipate these will change and rotate yearly.

Will Liberty Academy be accredited?

Yes. We will are accredited through the Indiana Department of Education.

How will Liberty Academy be held accountable with the state of Indiana?

Although Liberty Academy is not a test prep school and prefers to focus on its curriculum, we are held to the state's accountability system as part of our accreditation. Students are assessed using the same systems that all other CHOICE schools use as part of that process.

Is Liberty Academy religiously or politically affiliated?

No. Liberty Academy is a private, non-parochial school. We receive no federal funding and desire to remain as autonomous as possible in order to best serve the students and families we partner with. We do, however, hold a clear set of values and pursue a defined set of virtues that all families agree to uphold and pursue as part of a partnership with Liberty Academy.

Does Liberty Academy offer transportation?

At this time we do not offer transportation to or from school. We will pursue options in this area as we grow.

Does Liberty Academy have a uniform?

Yes. We anticipate the annual cost of uniforms to begin at $150. Details and specifics can be found here.

We also plan to hold a uniform exchange in the summer prior to each school year to offer discounted gently used uniforms to defer some of that cost.

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