Thank you for partnering with LAC to bring quality education to students in the Columbus, IN area. Unlike public schools, private schools must provide their own funding for all capital expenses such as buildings, and all of the inventory found within them. Autonomy is a key principal on which Liberty Academy is founded, therefore we will be very prudent in our decisions about grants and other funding outside of tuition. With that in mind we must look to other sources of funding to make up the significant deficit.

Your tax deductible donation helps LAC continue the growth of our school. Your support helps us to cultivate the minds and guide the hearts of students in our area to something greater than merely an education.

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Become a Liberty Academy Founding Partner!


Businesses and individuals who desire to see the classical education community grow in the Columbus, Indiana area can partner with our founding team and school board to ensure a strong start for Liberty Academy.


How does your contribution as a founding partner help?

Liberty Academy will accept no state or federal funding, allowing for complete autonomy in the decision-making and ongoing processes of curriculum choice, hiring, and governance. Tuition fees will make up close to 75% of Liberty’s annual funding once the school opens. Therefore, expenses for the year prior to the school’s opening (2022-2023) will be covered exclusively through partners like you! This funding partnership is essential even before students begin their educational experience at Liberty Academy to do things like acquire and insure a facility, implement a marketing strategy, hire our headmaster to begin school operations, and train our faculty and staff. Ongoing donors will be able to support our students and faculty in the endeavor to keep classical education alive and thriving through Liberty Academy. 


Society of Libertas Campaign – Liberty Academy Founding Partners

The Liberty Academy Founding Team has established a Founding Partners Campaign with the goal of raising $200,000 by June 1, 2023. Individuals giving $1,000 or more and businesses giving $5,000 or more by June 1, 2023 will be graciously recognized as Founding Partners on a permanent display in our school. Multiple partnering tiers offer many giving options. One-time or monthly giving options will be available.


How to Give

Secure donations can be made through the link below using a credit card or debit card with options for a one-time or monthly contribution. Alternatively, checks can be made payable to Liberty Academy to ensure that 100% of your contribution goes to the school, eliminating online payment processing fees.


Society of Libertas – Founding Partners

4 Partnership Levels


Recognized Founding Partners

Individuals $1,000-$2,499; Businesses $5,000-$9,999


Honored Founding Partners

Individuals $2,500-$4,999; Businesses $10,000-$24,999


Esteemed Founding Partners

Individuals $5,000-$14,999; Businesses $25,000-$49,999


Distinguished Founding Partners

Individuals $15,000+; Businesses $50,000+