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Vision and Mission


Leadership, Liberty, Lifelong Learning


To cultivate the minds and guide the hearts of young people through rigorous, time-tested classical methods, with instruction in moral character and civic virtue, rooted in the Western tradition.

Studying at Home
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We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education. The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate.

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Educational Philosophy

At Liberty Academy we believe that the first and most important teachers are parents. We also believe that an education with the goal of cultivating the minds and guiding the hearts of young people is essential to raising up the next generation of civic-minded American leaders. Our vision is that each student leaves Liberty Academy with the skills to lead, with an understanding and appreciation of the great privilege it is to live in America, and with a desire to continue learning while seeking what is good, true, and beautiful in the world and their circumstances.​

To that end, Liberty Academy partners with parents to provide an academically exceptional classical education aimed at the cultivation of each students' mind, body, and spirit. Our curriculum provides education in the liberal arts, focused on learning from some of the greatest minds the world has known in order to glean truths about our Western heritage and the country we have inherited. 

We hire faculty of upstanding character, who are role models to students, experts in their field of study, and can impart the wonder of learning to our students along their scholastic journey.

Partnership and Community

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At Liberty Academy, partnering with parents means that we are entering into a relationship with one another in a shared mission and vision. 

Relational partnership goes beyond involvement. It means that we have shared core and agreed-upon principles and objectives; that we commit together to do the hard work of shared and timely communication, and that we strive to model the things that are true, good, and beautiful for our students.

Our partnership with parents who are committed to the moral cultivation of young people and community ensures that the hearts and minds of children are molded not only at school, but at home, in the church, on the athletic fields, and is evidenced anywhere that Liberty families are present. 

If we are truly aligned in our goals and mission, walking side by side in the same direction, we can provide our children with a deeply influential education, free from much division and distraction. With cohesion and alignment we can provide a transformational academic, social, and virtuous educational experience for the young people of Columbus, Indiana.

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