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The Hillsdale K-12 Curriculum

One of the many missions of Hillsdale College has been to help facilitate the spread of quality classical education across the United States. They have helped to found over 20 classical charter schools across the country focused on educating the mind, body, and spirit of young people across America. As part of our agreement with Hillsdale they have provided us the full scope and sequence of their K-12 classical education curriculum, as well as supplemental materials for best practices in a Hillsdale classroom. We are honored to partner with such a prestigious university and look forward to providing the students of Columbus with a classical education rooted in the western tradition and focused on American values

Curriculum Maps

Liberty Academy holds transparency as a core value. As part of our partnership with parents, we publish our entire curriculum sequence and encourage prospective families to ask questions about what their children will be studying. Below you will find links to the Hillsdale curriculum sequence.

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